Crescent Food Bank (CFB) was created to end hunger in SoCal!

CFB was inspired by Imam Jamaal Diwan, in 2013, when he was the Religious Director of the Islamic Center Of Irvine (ICOI). CFB was founded on the premise of giving back to our community and providing food & essentials to families and individuals in need. CFB cooperates with local organizations, businesses & individuals to help our community meet its current and future challenges.

Orange County, home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, and with a median household income of $81,851 in 2017 (California ~ $67,169 in 2017) is capable of helping to eradicate hunger in SoCal. At CFB, we strongly believe that there is great potential to minimize the poverty level in OC (estimated at 11.7%) by working hard to provide food & essentials to families and individuals in need.

Together, we can shape a better future. We are actively recruiting energetic members in our community to assist us. Please contact us for more information.